All NEW crate subscriptions are on hold until after the holiday season so that we might enjoy time with our families. Happy Holidays!

About Us


At Confetti Crate we believe in the magic of childhood and celebrating the little things.  Children don’t need much from us to make their childhood experiences special; they naturally find wonder in the world around them.  However, sometimes, as parents, we like to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary for them—scatter balloons across the playroom floor, wave a bunting from the window, make a layer cake in the middle of the week or spend an evening munching on buttery popcorn while watching a favorite movie.


With all the many responsibilities we shoulder as parents, Confetti Crate can serve as a useful tool, a tool to effortlessly sprinkle magic on the day-to-day moments that make childhood and family life meaningful.  After all, parents deserve to celebrate the little things with their families.


Aleisha has been throwing purposeful parties for as long as she can remember.  A “retired” teacher, she now juggles two littles, her husband and their new puppy.  In her spare time, she thrives on finding the perfect party trimmings and planning family gatherings.  Aleisha loves a navy stripe, her vast audiobook collection, fostering traditions and the perfectly gooey s’more roasted over her backyard fire pit.


Heather has four little kids and feels the importance of convenience in parenting.  There is little time to peruse the aisles of her favorite stores hoping to find the perfect flourishes for celebrations.  She appreciates simplicity, tradition and making memories.  Heather loves to entertain friends and family, both old and new.  Few things make her happier than a house full of happy guests.


Together we started Confetti Crate Co. as a way to bring simple celebrations regularly to your door.  We are excited to help busy parents gather their families together through memorable experiences and tradition.